Our Staff


Photo of Shane Chisholm

Mr. Shane Chisholm


Photo of Diane Kulczycki

Mrs. Diane Kulczycki

Vice Principal

Support Staff

Photo of Kara Bacho

Mrs. Kara Bacho

Educational Assistant

Photo of Nicole Johnston-Watson

Mrs. Nicole Johnston-Watson


Photo of Matthew Kuehne

Mr. Matthew Kuehne


Photo of Rya Livingstone

Mrs. Rya Livingstone

Administrative Assistant

placeholder image for Melissa Materi

Mrs. Melissa Materi

Educational Assistant

Photo of Kristin Music

Mrs. Kristin Music

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Emily Oostenbrug

Miss Emily Oostenbrug

Educational Assistant

Photo of Allison Sandmaier

Mrs. Allison Sandmaier

Educational Assistant

Photo of Kimberlie Stengler

Mrs. Kimberlie Stengler

Educational Assistant

Photo of Shari Taylor

Mrs. Shari Taylor

Educational Assistant


Photo of Danielle Sinclair

Mrs. Danielle Sinclair

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Gillian Hallam

Mrs. Gillian Hallam

Grade 1 Teacher

Photo of Tracy Honeker

Mrs. Tracy Honeker

Grade 1 Teacher

Photo of Courtney Kelahear

Mrs. Courtney Kelahear

Grade 1 Teacher

Photo of Allyson Wyntjes

Mrs. Allyson Wyntjes

Grade 1-3 Teacher

Photo of April Donald

Mrs. April Donald

Grade 2 Teacher

placeholder image for Mackenzie Holtom

Mrs. Mackenzie Holtom

Grade 2 Teacher

Photo of Cynthia Patterson

Mrs. Cynthia Patterson

Grade 2 Teacher

Photo of Samantha Clark

Miss Samantha Clark

Grade 3 Teacher

placeholder image for Jennavieve Lynn

Mrs. Jennavieve Lynn

Grade 3 Teacher

Photo of Sonja Swanson

Mrs. Sonja Swanson

Grade 3 Teacher

Photo of Landen Ames

Mr. Landen Ames

Grade 4 Teacher

Photo of Leissa Barrow

Mrs. Leissa Barrow

Grade 4 Teacher

Photo of Jennifer Martin

Mrs. Jennifer Martin

Grade 4 Teacher

Photo of Pamela Fischer

Mrs. Pamela Fischer

Grade 5 Teacher

Photo of Cody Huseby

Mr. Cody Huseby

Grade 5 Teacher

Photo of Allison McQuay

Miss Allison McQuay

Grade 5 / Counselling

Photo of Carly Robinson

Mrs. Carly Robinson

Grade 5 Teacher

Photo of Corinne Brown

Mrs. Corinne Brown


Photo of Lorelei Whittemore

Mrs. Lorelei Whittemore

Music Teacher

Photo of Katherine Seymour

Mrs. Katherine Seymour

Family School Enhancement Counsellor