Parent Parking

Parking & Student Drop off

    • Please do not block community members' driveways. We have received several complaints from community members that are blocked in their driveways. 
    • The north parking lot is designated parking for staff with assigned stalls. We do not have supervision in that parking lot and for the safety of our students we ask our parents to use the “Drop and Go” lane, the visitor parking lot (south), or along the street.
    • Parents are to use the south parking lot or streetside parking when dropping off or picking up children. The ‘Drop and Go’ can also be used but please remember to stay in your vehicle for your children to come to you. Vehicles are not to be left unattended in order for traffic to flow effectively. Be advised that access to the south parking lot is through the ‘Drop and Go.’ The south end is an ‘Exit Only’ to keep traffic flowing safely.

We ask that you do not double park in the ‘Drop and Go’, this is a single lane thruway for traffic. This has caused significant safety issues for students, vehicles accessing the ‘Drop and Go’ and as well has caused significant vehicle back ups on Carrington Drive and Clearview Drive.


Reminder: There is no parking in the drop & go lane and it is one way, single lane traffic. If you need to get out of your vehicle, please park along the road or in the parent parking lot. Thanks for helping keep our students safe!