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Gifts for Grandparents

FHV will be supporting Family Services of Central Alberta with Gifts for Grandparents!

Gift bags will be delivered to seniors to help show them how much we care as a community and how we value their contribution to our society.

Let's answer God's call to love one another by showing we value each and every person!

if you are able, please Choose one or more of the following days to give!


November 27th - kitchen items for seniors - dishcloths, storage containers, pot holders, etc.


November 28th - clothing for seniors - mittens, toques, scarves, slippers, socks, etc.


November 29th - snacks and treats for seniors - tea, coffee, candy, chocolate, jam, etc.


November 30th - small gifts for seniors - deck of cards, flashlights, nightlights, monthly planners, lanyards, toothbrushes, crosswords, (no candles please) etc.


December 1st - gift cards for seniors - coffee, groceries, bookstores, etc.

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